8 First Online Dates You Won’t Forget

People are different and so are things they look for on a dating app – or life in general. As we promised to share all kind of stories, here we’ve gathered the most awkward first date stories we received.

First date is all about hidden promises and undiscovered opportunities. But there are a lot of things which can go wrong and here we picked the most surprising ones.

She had been to my apartment before, but it’s not what you think

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Legs Helped Me Through a Bad Breakup

Kate (40), London

I was in a relationship for 5 years and several months – it was fun while it lasted, just like any other – we made love, we had fights, we went through our own pattern of ups and downs.

And then there was this feeling… never ignore your feelings, most likely you’re right as much you don’t want to be sometimes! And then there was a *bang, Alice goes down the rabbit hole*. He’s cheating on me. Couldn’t bloody believe it but here it was – black on white (well, technically black on grey, but who cares), a graphic message which clearly wasn’t for me! Bummer… I was going Bridget Jones on myself, – vodka, romantic movies, junk food and loads of ice cream, but unlike her I cannot eat when stressed out, so vodka it was.

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Small Detail Left Out

Sandra (30), Stockholm

I am a big believer in polygamy and always been open about it. Basically that’s also the reason why I’m single at 30 – in real life men are way more afraid from open relationship than in fantasy.

Finally I decided it’s a good idea to join the internet dating club; after all there must be plenty out there for everyone’s taste and needs – for those who want to get all serious, have a relationship and get married, have kids, for those who want simply get their leg over, hang out or for those who don’t know what they want.

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Unexpected Encounter

Jan (21), Amsterdam

I’ve been using Mint and Tinder and Happn for quite a time. Always thought about dating apps as a hookup tool – at least it’s what I kept on hearing.

I fell in love on my very first day in Uni. I might sound as this sloppy freshman – and probably I was. On my way to Study Department I saw a girl sitting on the grass and laughing. Well, technically there were several people, and probably all of them were laughing. But I could see only this one girl.

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Mint Story

Finding love is a journey not a destination

Do you dream of a family life with a sweet spouse, white-fenced house, 3 kids, 2 dogs and a pickup truck? Probably you wish to travel the Seven seas on a luxury boat, drinking champagne and being surrounded by 20 bikini models? Or anything in between…

Dream big they say. What they forget to say is, that you better enjoy the road.

We believe that every encounter on the way – no matter how silly or breathtaking it is – takes you closer to your dream. Online dating is as diverse as the life itself – fair mix of success and disaster, ups and downs, sad and fun. Every story is unique and worth sharing, so we asked our community to tell us their stories and to share them with the world.

Send us your story to mint@mint.me, we will publish it anonymously (if you don’t indicate otherwise) and let people know, how interesting and challenging the journey can be!

There might be some exciting gifts in it for you!