Unexpected Encounter

Jan (21), Amsterdam

I’ve been using Mint and Tinder and Happn for quite a time. Always thought about dating apps as a hookup tool – at least it’s what I kept on hearing.

I fell in love on my very first day in Uni. I might sound as this sloppy freshman – and probably I was. On my way to Study Department I saw a girl sitting on the grass and laughing. Well, technically there were several people, and probably all of them were laughing. But I could see only this one girl.

She was hot. Really natural and artistic, can’t describe better – somehow she seemed really really real. And I kept on seeing her around on campus grounds every now and then for next 1.5 years. There were good days – when I saw her, and bad days, sometimes weeks, when I didn’t. As my luck would have it, I never saw her in my classes, talking to someone I know or hanging around when we had parties.

So I had a girl of my dreams on one hand, and apps to hook up on other. It sounds way more badass than it is – frankly, I chatted with a few girls, went on even fewer dates and only hooking up I had in my first two years of Uni had nothing to do with either of these apps, but with being totally wasted in right (or wrong) time and place.

And then IT happened. One day I opened Mint and was like – oh, new girls nearby, cutie, cutie, not so much, cool… Wait, what? I kept on browsing while my brain was enregistering what it saw. Holy Creator of Mint, thank you that I could go back! It was THAT girl.

Million thoughts ran through my head – why would she be here, is she looking to hook up, did she saw me, what’s my next move… And did nothing. For 2 weeks I kept on looking at her profile, trying to get a telepathic information as if she is chatting, dating or liking other guys. I even bought Premium to make sure I will see if she likes me…

Those were probably 2 of the most stressful weeks in my life. Till one night I drunk a bit of liquid courage and wrote her. Much to my surprise, she wrote me back almost immediately, apparently she had noticed me before too.

We are dating for quite some time now and she suggested I share this story, as for people like us – who believe in romance – it might seem dating apps are not for love. But they can be – if it’s meant to be, it’s bound to happen.